*Must be driving a Ford Explorer to join

Actually I would like to thank everyone who has expressed concern about the accident that my wife Cheryll & I had Sunday October 28th, 2001. We are both OK. A little sore and bruised, but alive.

We were traveling north on I95 in South Carolina on our way back from a vacation and car show in Charleston and the Isle of Palms. We stopped at Lake Santee for  lunch at Clark's Restaurant. After lunch we continued north and I guess I felt a little sleepy and asked Cheryll to spell me for a while. I don't remember how long she drove, but when I woke, the car was skidding from side to side on the interstate and then we started to roll, I don't know how many times, but we were told 3 times. The Explorer came to rest upside down with the roof  crushed. I tried to get out but was still in my seatbelt. I managed to release the seatbelt and started to crawl out the passenger side window, but was still caught in the seatbelt. A passerby cut the belt and helped me out of the car. By this time Cheryll was also out of the car. A very frightening couple of minutes. I was transported via rescue squad to the hospital in Sumter and was released at about 6pm. A state trooper took Cheryll and I to the lot where my TR3 and Explorer were towed. Remarkably, the TR3 had hardly a scratch. Only a broken taillight lens and dent in the trunk. The Explorer did not fare as well. It rolled and will most likely be a total loss. My brother John tracked down Bruce and Carol Woodson's cell phone number. He called them as they were almost at Dillon, SC. They turned around, and were truly lifesavers and gave us a ride home along with as much of the stuff in the Explorer that we could see in the dark parking lot.  On Tuesday, October 30th Dean Tetterton made the 642 mile round trip to Sumter to retrieve the TR3 and my brother's trailer. I am not sure when I will be towing anything in the near future.

And again I would like to thank Bruce & Carol, my brother John, Dean, Kevin, and everyone else who helped Cheryll & I get back to normal. We are bruised, cut, and sore.. but alive. And VERY thankful.

Ken and Cheryll Nachman



Here are few shots of the TR3 on the Trailer after the accident



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